In order for us to bring you and every other visitor of the salon the maximum pleasure, please review and abide the following rules:
To book an appointment, please call our administrator on this number +372 56 919 919

We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 19:00

While booking an appointment you have the right to choose a specialist. Please make sure to mention this to the administrator during the booking process.

While recording for a service it is required to announce to the administrator every service that you wish to receive. This is necessary to ensure the right amount of time for your treatment.

In case you are unable to attend to the appointment, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 6 hours in advance so we can manage our and our clients time.

In the event of repeatedly missing appointments(3+) we leave the right to decline our services in the future.

Please be so kind to attend to the beauty salon 5-10 minutes prior to the treatment to allow time for preliminary preparations.

Please note that loud conversations are not allowed at the salon to ensure comfort of our visitors.

We kindly all our visitors to have their mobile devices on silent mode.

“Tipping” fee is at your sole discretion.

We Serve our customers in Estonian, Finnish, English and Russian languages.

If You have any health issues such as chronic diseases or allergies or anything that you believe our staff should know about, please make sure to inform during the registration. Please note that pregnancy should also be reported.

Please Inform our staff if you feel uncomfortable, cold, or similar. If you want to provide feedback in relation to the procedure, please do so immediately after the procedure, before leaving the room. Interior is not obliged to accept claims made later.

NB! Payment occurs only in cash.

Hairdresser Short Medium Long Very long
Hair wash + blow-dry €13 €15 €17 €20
Hair wash + straightening €13 €15 €17 €20
Hair wash + evening hairdo €20 €28 €35 €45
Tress  €4-15
Hair cut (hair wash+blow-dry) €16 €18 €20 €25
Trim ends without hair wash €10 €10 €10
Fringe cut (without hair wash) €5 €5 €5 €5
Dyeing (Hair wash + blow-dry) €28 €36 €45 €55
Dyeing+haircut(hw+bd) €42 €52 €62 €70
Roots tinting up to 2cm (hw+bd) €25 €27 €30 €35
Roots tinting up to 2cm + haircut (hw+bd)ф) €39 €43 €50 €60
Hair highlighting (hw+bd) €35 €40 €50 €60
Partial hair highlighting (hw+bd)  €18  €27 €33  €43
Dyeing into two colors(hw+bd)  €37  €42  €52  €65
Dye removal
Dye removal + new dyeing (hw+bd) €50 €67 €80 €100
Old dye removal+new dyeing+haircut(hw+bd)  €60  €80  €95  €120
Curls forceps (without hair wash)  €25  €30  €40  €50
Curls forceps (with hair wash)  €25  €30  €40  €50
Half head hair highlighting  €35  €45  €55
Perm  €25  €33  €39  €45
Haircut for kids up to 6 years €8
Haircut for kids up to 10 years €10
 Hair wash €5
Hair clipper haircut (1 tip)(Without hair wash) €7
Hair clipper haircut (2+ tips) (With hair wash) €10
Haircut €13
Beard trimming €4
Moustache trimming €3
Neck grooming €2
Close shave/bald head €5



All classic facial treatments duration of 50 minutes include cleansing, exfoliation, facial and neckline massage, mask and cream.

Fast and effective care, which includes an exfoliation, facial and neckline massage or a mask for your skin type. At the end of the treatment we apply a cream.40 minutes€21
The treatment is meant for soft and sensitive type of skin. During the procedure we use a gentle exfoliating cream to remove dead skin cells, after which you can enjoy a soothing massage. Mask instantly soothes skin and gives sense of comfort for a lengthy period of time.60 minutes€29
Can be done at any age.60 minutes€29
Cleaning the face with the help of ultrasound, which allows deep cleanse the skin of dirt, dead skin cells, sebum blockages of sebaceous glands.

Such type of cleaning is painless and unlike mechanical process does not leave traces on the skin such as redness and swelling.
Advantages of the sonic cleansing:
Ultrasound has restorative and rejuvenating effect. It has a number of additional advantages over other methods of care: it does not expose the skin squeezing or stretching, does not violate the upper layer (the procedure does not require squeezing with hands which only injures the skin).

Stages of the procedure:

  • Regular cleansing
  • Exfoliation (peeling)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Violet ray(if necessary)
  • Soothing and moisturizing mask
  • Skin type nourishing cream application

Average duration: 60 minutes

Micro-vibration undertaken with the ultrasound performs the micro-massage function on the cellular level:

  • Improves blood
  • Boosts immune system
  • Activates metabolism
  • Enhances tissue regeneration
  • Activates redox processes
  • Promotes the formation of collagen and elastin
75 minutes€35
The procedure includes: cleansing, exfoliation, facial mechanical cleaning, a mask and a skin type cream. The procedure is meant for those who need to clean pores, and those not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.60 minutes€32
Ultrasonic cleaning + phonophoresis (5min)90 minutes€29

Phonophoresis, a widely used hardware cosmetology method, a cosmetic procedure which allows the cosmetic products using ultrasonic waves to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. The skin is affected simultaneously by two actions: physical (ultrasound) and chemical (special preparations). Active components accumulate and penetrate into the body and the drug effect continues for several days after the procedure. 

Phonophoresis can help to solve the problematic skin issues. Anti-inflammatory properties of ultrasound are applied. After several treatments you will notice reduced oiliness of the skin and narrowed pores.

Phonophoresis can be recommended for women of any age and skin type. Device mode is selected individually.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Changing the face oval (gravitational ptosis)
  • Reduces the density of the skin and subcutaneous facial structures
  • Omission and deepening of the nasolabial folds
  • Ptosis of the upper eyelid
  • «The folds of sadness» wrinkles in the corners of the mouth
  • Wilting and skin fatigue

Post-procedure effects:

  • Confronting age-related changes
  • Renewed vitality of the skin stem cells
  • Reduced amount of the free radicals
  • Reduced amount of facial wrinkles
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Decline in dark spots
  • Improved condition of the damaged skin
  • Initiates the regeneration process

For best results and long-acting it is recommended to undergo a course of 3 to 6 treatments.

40 minutes€35

Massage helps the skin to breathe and makes it smoother, younger and agile. It stimulates micro-circulation, improves the metabolism of cells and detoxification, the flow of oxygen in the cells

Classical massage 

  • Improves blood flow and skin color
  • Relaxes, relieves and stretches flabby muscles
  • Eliminates small wrinkles
  • Restores elasticity

Already after the first treatment you will feel the positive effects. If you undergo an entire course, it may significantly reduce or completely get rid of the double chin, will improve facial muscle groups condition and will have a lifting effect.

The procedure includes:

  • Makeup removal (if necessary)
  • Toning
  • Massage
  • Skin type cream


  • Fillers in the facial area
  • Acute skin diseases
  • Acne during exacerbation
  • Herpes
  • Sharply expressed hypertension and hypotension

Duration: 30 minutes

30 minutes€14
Mask €3-5
Violet ray10 minutes€5
Eyelashes and Eyebrows
Service Duration €Price
Chemical eyelash dyeing 10 minutes €4
Chemical eyebrows dyeing 10 minutes €4
Eyebrows modeling 10 minutes €4
Safe and efficient. Chemical waving lasts for approximately 1.5-2 months. Within 24 hours after the procedure it is not recommended to paint and wet eyelashes. 60 minutes €20
Classical eyelash build-up 75 minutes €35
Correction 1st week 30 minutes €15
Correction 2nd week 40-60 minutes €20
Correction 3rd week 40-60 minutes €23
Correction 4th week 40-60 minutes €28
Classical extension build-up 1.5D 90 minutes €44
Express care for built-up eyelashes 15 minutes €10
Volumetric build-up 2D 2.5-3 hours €49
Correction of the volumetric build-up 2D 2.5-3 hours €40
Corners build-up (1/3) 30 minutes €20
Lower lashes build-up 30 minutes €10
Lower lashes build-up 45 minutes €15
Removal of the lashes 15 minutes €10
Swarovski stones (price per 1) €1
Colorful lashes (price per 10) €2
Gel pads 1 pair €1
Service Price
Manicure €10
Manicure + varnish €12
French manicure €14
Nail polish €5
Nail polish (French) €7
Manicure + gel coating polish €19
Manicure + French manicure gel polish €20
Gel polish removal €5
Service Price
Classical pedicure (no varnish) €19
Classical pedicure with varnish €23
Pedicure+French design €25
Express pedicure with with gel varnish €20
Express pedicure with with gel varnish: French €22
Pedicure with gel varnish €32
Pedicure with gel varnish: French €33
Gel varnish removal €5
Nail cut €5